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I like data and maps. After coming home from a trip, I've always added all the waypoints to a self-hosted map.

So it felt natural to create TravelFacets to share that with others.


As enthusiastic travelers we were looking for a simple way to share our trip experiences with all our friends.

Therefor we built TravelFacets to simplify the trip documentation by using the metadata of the created trip photos.

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Free forever
Start with up to 5 trips
Generate up to 5 trips
Generate trips based on your photo gallery
Get historical weather data
Automatically enrich your trips with location information
Add suggested points of interest
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€ 7.19
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€ 4.99 / month
Cancel at any time
Get the most out of TravelFacets
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Unlimited trips
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Use up to 50 photos per trip
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How can we generate trips based on pictures?

Your camera or mobile phone stores EXIF data for each picture. The data includes the location as well as the date.

Trip generation based on pictures is not working.

You might have disabled the collection of EXIF data, or you might have disabled sharing this data. Some devices may not have the capability to include the location.

Why is TravelFacets not free?

TravelFacets is created by two individual developers from Austria. We need to pay for our servers, APIs and development.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you have created your subscription using the web application, you can cancel on the settings page. If you used the mobile app, you need to cancel using App Store / Play Store.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your trips will continue to be available. However, you can not edit them anymore. Once you renew your subscription, you will get full access again.