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Environmentally Friendly Traveling

We all love to travel and in the present day, it is a necessity than a desire. While we think about traveling, we land on the thoughts about beautiful places, amazing landmarks, and a memorable journey. But have you ever thought about the harms that traveling is causing to the environment? Yes! This might sound weird but it is the truth and we will unravel it in this blog. But don’t worry as you can still travel and we will introduce you to the eco-friendly ways of traveling.
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The major fact that we should be aware of is that, climate change is a reality and its consequences are inevitable. However, if we want to change the situation then we will have to take the necessary measure of handling it. Perhaps, changes should be adopted in various sectors and tourism is one of them.

Although many travelers show concern over the issue of climate change there is a very less percentage of them who would take a step to change their lifestyle to avoid it. In most of the cases, the negligence is due to the unawareness. For instance, most of the travelers, search for a beautiful destination and sometimes a beautiful budget-friendly destination but not eco-friendly destination whereas, this is the problem. So, here are some tips to plan your next trip in an environmentally friendly manner.

Go for Green Destination

You might at the first time that we are suggesting you go in the woods. But no, we aren't telling you to do that. To be precise, no destination is a Green Giant. However, there are countries and cities committed to environmentally friendly policies. Costa Rica is one such destination. it is one of the world's most successful eco-friendly places where you can visit.

This destination has 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves, and 800 miles of beautiful coastline. On the other hand, 98% of the electricity is generated from renewable resources. Like Costa Rica, there are many other destinations as well. For instance, The Galapagos Islands, Borneo, Bhutan, Peru, and the list goes a long way.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Stop taking planes! Don't worry, we are not advising you to do this because not all of us can do so. But a major change you can bring is by choosing flights with the lowest carbon dioxide emission. It might take you some time to find such flights but certainly, it is not an impossible task in this digital era.

However, there is research being performed to create sustainable fuels but until that time arrives you can travel in the most eco-friendly way possible. Choosing flights with lower carbon dioxide emissions is one option and the other one is by taking direct flights rather than layovers. If you may ask why then the answer is planes use most of its fuel during taking off and landing.

Book Your Hotel Wisely

Yes, hotels should even be considered while you are planning to travel in an eco-friendly manner. It is even the largest carbon footprint in the tourism industry. Moreover, hotels need an incredible amount of energy and water to function properly whereas, this leads to a lot of waste. Therefore, look out for things like small toiletry containers that can be refilled to reduce plastic waste.

Electricity is powered by room key and in this manner, you won't you won't leave the room with the fan or air conditioner on. Search for recycling bins in the hotel. Perhaps, for the most important thing is to be responsible and by that we mean, there will be some places where you cannot find eco-friendly hotels and during those times check-in into a local establishment rather than booking an international chain.

Keep an Eye on Your Actions

Although you might think that your actions are small and that might not affect the environment then that is something you must change. There are some actions of the travelers that have huge consequences on the place they visit. For instance: the padlocks on bridges.

This might be a very romantic act for some travelers but the weight of the locks would endanger the structure of the bridges. On the other hand, touching some part of bronze statues for seeking luck can wear of century-old statues. However, these are some irresponsible activities and has no logical definition.

Alternative Means of Transportation

This is the last and the most important way to travel in an eco-friendly manner. Our environment is drastically affected every time a car hits the road and emits harmful gases into the air. However, it is a large concern now but as a traveler what part can you play in making the world a better place to live? Perhaps, the best thing you can do is using eco-friendly transportation.

Instead of traveling in cars, try out hoover boards, bikes, and scooters. These modes of transportation are beneficial to the environment. On the other hand, it does not have load noise and eve does not emit harmful gases. Carpooling is yet another way of traveling. It is not a new concept but every fewer people go for carpooling.

If you are unaware of carpooling then, this is the same as ride-sharing where you and another passenger can ride together if both of you are traveling to the same destination. in this manner, there will be fewer are on the road and this will reduce harmful emissions. Nevertheless, walking is the best option.

Walking is beneficial for you and as well as eco-friendly as well. it will save you money and help to clear your mind. On the other hand, it is even good for your health too. Therefore, if the distance is less than a better walk than hiring a taxi.


Traveling is all about exploring the unknown corners of the world. It is always amazing to explore faraway lands and its beauty but next time while you plan on traveling then think of a way to travel in an eco-friendly manner. Remember that the Earth is our home and we need to keep it safe for the next generation so that they can travel as well do today.

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